Howdy! Call me Pete.

I’m a creative tech strategist., I’m a Awwwards jury., I’m a writer., I’m a UI/UX designer., I’m a front-end developer.

I am a creative tech strategist, an Awwwards jury, an UI/UX designer, a front-end programmer and a writer who solve business challenges through digital space. I live in Bandar Saujana Putra, Malaysia, been around the web for more than a decade. I use secret powers to look deep down into the soul of a website, and unleash its unimaginable strength to take over the world. In other words, creating an intuitive, fun and highest standard website that will put a giggling joy in a client's heart. Ultimate goal? To make the web world a healthier, better place to stay.

Simply put, here’s 15 things about me

  1. I co-founded VidPays
  2. I build website
  3. I build kickass website
  4. I’m a sexist (click bait)
  5. I’m from Malaysia
  6. I’m a designer that writes
  7. I’ve been in love for 15 years, and still counting
  8. I’ve 2 dogs and 1 cat and a baby girl!
  9. I’ve scored 4As each in UPSR, PMR and SPM exams (on purpose)
  10. I’ve a crush on Steve Jobs (I’ve made wallpapers on him too)
  11. I’m a Buddhist and an Atheist at the same time
  12. I love typography
  13. I’m a LOTR fan
  14. I hate the human concept of sleeping and shitting
  15. I’d be an architect if the Internet broke down

Wait, what? All these and no portfolio? I’m here to see portfolio. Give me portfolio! Ok ok, chill. Most of my works are done in Centre for Content Creation and NagaDDB Tribal, so head on there to check out my works. Email me if you need anything online, even if you just want to say hi to my face!

Clients I've worked with

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Bye Google+. RIP.