Lean In: Become a powerful women

Lean In: Become a powerful women

I would never recommend any book to anyone this strong before, but if you are reading this article, you should read the book too. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

Highly recommended

It’s a book about women, but if you are a man, read it. You are inside the book too.

Read it. Or watch a 45 minutes video on the book by the author herself.

Worth buying. I can borrow you the book if you want.

Really, a must read.

Seriously goooood book.


A 10/10 rating book.

Ok, for one last time, go read this book.

I lied, that wasn’t the last. =D

Here’s how the book changed me.

Give more chances

The strongest fact that I have learned is that, women aren’t given as much chance as man received. Let’s face it, I am one of those to blame too. If I am a boss, and there are 2 job candidates, one male and another female, with same qualifications and experiences, I would hire the male. Why? Man are more valuable compare to women in a working environment. Longer and bigger commitment, higher ambition, and hiring a women to work with other women is pain in everyone’s asses.

With this book, I see women in a whole new perspective. I begin to assign more roles and wider task scopes to my female colleagues. Giving them my trust and motivation that they will complete those tasks. They did. Some exceed my expectation. They deserves a pat in their back, but I don’t want to look like a perv. ;)

Give more power

Bossy is a common negative word for women in power. When women slightly raise their voice, they are labelled bitches. Same thing to men, it’s ambition, powerful. What the hell right? This is part of the pressure women face, and they often held back so that they are not called by names.

After reading this highly recommended book, I like to ask my female friends to make decisions for me. Sometimes it’s because I am lazy to make decision ;p. Having them to say what they think, voice out their opinions and make them feel comfortable voicing it out. This will slowly build their self esteem, and soon they will take over the world. Hah! Keep dreaming. Maybe… could be… shit…

Give much more support

I have never thought women faces so many problems unconsciously. They don’t even know they have it :p. So from now on, I will give extra support to my other half. Not only financially but mentally and physically too. Make her feel she can too build her own career and go for her dream and not worry about the house work or kids. It’s hard, but with great power comes great responsibility.


The change starts with everyone, not just women themselves. Men too have to take this steps. But women, you got bigger steps to take.

Take it. Now.

Posted on 5 September 2013
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