The Reason I Write

The Reason I Write

This is awkward.

I can’t imagine I would ever write article. So many reasons to not do this versus a fews.

My horrible English

Yeah. It is as bad as Microsoft. Occasionally understandable but baddddd. It is like Windows 8 that comes with Windows 7 plus Windows Touch when we have non-touchscreen machine. Erm… why give us touch UI when we can’t touch? But but but… we get the point (hardly).

Bloggers blog shit

Yes they do. We browse blogs just to kill time or find food review. That’s pretty much it. And the browsing visual experiences is bad.

Lack of time

I’m a busy man and u don’t have time to write. Bullshit on top of T-Rex shit. My time management is not a good thing to mention.

Half bake

This article section will most probably died off after 1 day. Or less. My ethusiasm is weak for things I don’t love.

So what the fuck I’m writing now?

Here’s why

Indepth personal point of view.

Lots of emo stuffs. #YOLO. I’m joking. If you read anything emo or yolo on this site, burn it. Toss it to Osama. Or take a poop on your screen.

This will also be a learning ground to improve my UX skill and content display to make my article a Milky Way class quality.

In future, this will be a reflection of myself and I can have a good laugh at it on how silly penguin I can be.

Posted on 31 July 2013
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