Start a community, locally

Start a community, locally

Few weeks ago, I read an article (sorry I can’t find the article back) that talks about starting a community at your area. Any community from food, accounting to plumbing. Anything. And so coincidentally my friends from Appleseeds talk about it too. So I went further.

Malaysia web community

There is none.

This is demoralizing, thinking Malaysia’s web designer/ developer and doing better than before. There are more efforts put into web but it’s moving in a snail pace. I blame the stingy chinaman people. Joking.

More Malaysians going online but it seems that quality of the site is not a priority. The developing price is above everything. And to make it worst, most Malaysians web designers/developers are spoiling the market by overpricing a low quality site. They did fool a lot of their not tech savvy clients but this is wrong, my friend.

Why don’t we start one?

Starting a web gathering is equally crucial to webbies, and to clients as well.

Malaysia webbies can share their web findings, ideas or their recent project’s ups and downs. The commmunity will listen and share feedbacks on the topics. Then webbies can take notes and improve their own techniques too, including fresh grads and new webbies.

At the same time, clients or anyone can join in and have an insight on how the website is built and how they can contribute to the community and improve their own website. This also give an opportunity to those involved to have more exposure and possibly get more clients.

In the end, who will win? The web wins.

Posted on 13 August 2013
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Bye Google+. RIP.