I work on Saturday

I work on Saturday

It’s been years I have been working on Saturdays. Even though it’s only half day, you still need to physically be in the office for 4.5 hours. Why am I curious about this topic all the sudden? It’s because few of my colleagues commented that it would be great to not work on Saturday.

So, I took 4 continuous Saturdays off, to experiment what so great about it. And I glad I did. Here’s why.

Working on the sixth day of the week

We spent average 35% of our weekdays on office working. For those who travelling long distance like me, add another 5% spent on commute. Getting ready to work and cleaning up after reaching home takes time too, let’s give it a 5%. In total, that’s close to 50% of our hours and we still need to work on Saturday? Where is our freedom? Is this 21st century? Bullshit. (I’m joking boss =D, exaggerating a bit to get readers excited.)

It also requires you to be mentally ready for work, finishing current week’s tasks and preparing for the coming week. Exhausting.

What I did on my 4 Saturdays

Banking. Fixing my car. Spending more time to eat breakfasts slowwwwly. Hanging out with my Mom and Dad. Playing with my lovely pets. And more banking.

‘Why I can’t do these on Sunday’ I heard you said.

Most of my Sundays morning for past years are zombie-ing on bed. Drooling on my pillows and rolling around like I just don’t care. I am more to a night owl person so waking up early during working days are dreadful. So, it’s a glorious victory Sundays mode and I would love open my eyes to watch the Sunday sun set.

For obvious reason, banks don’t open on Sunday. Not many car workshop open on Sunday and if they do, I am stingy enough to trust their prices.

One thing that surprises me is that on Sunday, I am much more relaxing. Having the Saturday spent to chill and unwind, I have more time on Sunday to think and care for myself. That’s when I decided to go ‘botak’, super short hair before to bald. I even bought a high quality hair shaver. Talking about gadget. XD

To work on Saturday or not to

The effect of the experiment taking leaves on Saturdays are pretty good. I have more time for myself and my love ones (including my pets). I go to work on the following Monday like a wrecking ball. I mean, I felt more ready to work with much more energy and enthusiasm. Don’t talk about ‘Monday blue’. Monday blue is for losers. The only thing is blue is my neighbour’s underwear.

On the other hand, working on Saturday gives you the continuous working vibes, because you are almost continuously working days after days. It’s a smoother track and you also get more things done because of the extra working hours.

So, which is better? Extra 4.5 working hours on Saturday to do more work, or loses the 4.5 hours but more ready to work on Monday with more power? The vote is yours.

A funny quote: “Some don’t work on Saturday. They make appearance.”

Posted on 21 January 2014

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